Faucet and fixture


Installing Water Saver faucets, valves and safety equipment requires the use of common plumbing installation techniques.

Observing the following guidelines will help to assure trouble-free installation: Thoroughly clean and flush supply lines prior to installing faucets and valves. Pipe shavings, scale, tape and other debris can be carried through a pipe and into a faucet or valve when the system is activated. This debris can damage valve components and interfere with the proper operation of the faucet or valve. When placing a faucet or valve on a laboratory countertop or wall, secure the fixture using the lock washer and locknut. Tighten the locknut sufficiently to secure the fixture to the counter or wall. In order to function properly, vacuum breakers must be installed in a vertical position, perpendicular to the finished floor. When installing a remote vacuum breaker, we recommend using a level to make sure that the vacuum breaker is installed in a plumb and level position.

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