Water heater


For starters, make sure you have a service professional conduct a complete inspection at least once a year. North 7th St Plumbing And Heating offers annual service plans that include these types of inspections.

Your service technician will inspect the tank and connections for any rust, wear or corrosion and check the pressure relief valve, among other things. However, there are steps you can take during the year to keep your tank in top shape. One of those things is a tank draining. In fact, you could stand to do that every three or four months.

If when draining the tank, you see bits of metal or rust in the water, North 7th St Plumbing And Heating immediately. That is a near certain sign that the anode rod needs to be replaced. Don’t worry though…the anode rod is designed to attract corrosive chemicals in the water and keep them away from the rest of the tank. It’s actually a pretty quick fix.

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